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Post  Zanillo on Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:10 am

A bright gibbous moon hung in the vast black starry sky above a great snow-capped mountain peak, casting silver light on the quiet boreal forest below...quiet until a howl of pain cuts through the silence, followed by the cries of fear and panic of a village under attack. At the base of the mountain, among small ramshackle huts, short red-skinned horned devilkin called vandalings desperately scrambled for their weapons as two wolves bounded through their crudely improvised community. A large grey wolf by the name of Fane charged through the numbers of vandalings, keeping them disorganized by snapping at hamstrings or barrelling over and through any who got in the way of his zig zagging path.

Following in the great wolf's wake, a slightly smaller brown and black wolf called Kaz scanned the mayhem for any opponents who had successfully brandished a weapon and quickly pounced, jaws closing on their throats... Off to one side of the camp, separated from the wolves by disorganized devilkin, a handful of warriors were gathering themselves, their weapons and their comrades for a counter attack.

As the surprise began to settle the non combatants managed to flee into their pathetic shelters, and soon the camp was empty save for the two wolves, half a dozen vandaling corpses, and a score of warriors weilding all varieties of weapons guarding a teepee painted with strange demonic markings.

Kaz walked over to the camp's main bonfire, some forty feet from the armed vandalings and shifted into his homid form, Fane joined him standing between Kaz and the warriors in an aggressively defiant stance. "Let this be a warning to you, devilkin." Kaz spoke loudly, "Stay out of Red Talon territory or we shall finish you."

At his last words a figure emerges from the teepee, a slightly taller figure wearing a bone necklace, clutching a skull-topped stave, and most notably his eyes blazing with a feverish red glow. "Brave speech, pup. We accept your challenge... unless you were just yipping like the coyote you are."

Fane's lips curl back in a dangerous snarl, his growl causes a few of the vandalings to shift uncomfortably, but the devilkin shaman just laughs sadistically as he thrusts his staff forward like a spear. The scent of singed hair permeates the air as Fane barely evades the shaman's unexpected fireball, which also served as a signal to the vandaling warriors to attack.

Five devilkin lead the way while the others move wide to surround, three going right for the wolf two going left for the monk. While Kaz waits patiently for the first two devilkin to reach him, Fane lunges forward; knocking down all three of the little beasts and quickly tearing the throat from one of them. The monk casually leans out of range of the madly thrown axe swipe and counters it with a vicious snapkick to the jaw from below, instantly going into a spin to avoid the second vandaling's spear thrust. The grey wolf leaves his enemies prone and leaps to his friend's aid, crushing the spear-weilder's spine between his powerful jaws.

As Kaz glanced to the sides and realized they would soon be surrounded, the shaman seized the opportunity and launched a quicker, although smaller orb of flame at Fane from behind, this time connecting solidly, blasting the wolf into the monk. The two garou rolled across the dirt, rising to their feet as quickly as possible.

They were surrounded. Fane growled at the eager warriors blocking their escape, daring them to take the first step. Kaz facing the risen warriors who Fane had knocked down and the shaman, who was waving his claws and staff in magically invoking movements.

"Ready Fane? ... Now!" Kaz shouted as he leapt sideways, shifting into wolf form. Fane also dodged sideways, alllowing the great ball of fire to pass harmlessly between them. Harmlessly that is, until it hit the wide-eyed devilkin who raised his shield in a feeble attempt to protect himself. In the same instant that the explosion blasted him off his feet and knocked his battle-mates off balance, the two lupine garou bounded past the warriors, rushing into the cover of the forest.

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