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Post  Zanillo on Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:07 pm

((Until someone else joins I'll keep the stats to myself since I have them on character sheet.))

Kazeyas Wolfblood - Monk/Druid - Kaz was raised in a druidic tribe which lives in a massive park located in an even greater sized city. The druid's are known to be park rangers, not to be trifled with in concerns to their land.
(200xp) - Defeat a poacher.

Talvin Jaeland - Swash/Rogue - Of noble birth, Tal seeks to put his combat training to good use and make a name for himself as more than the pampered son of a Lord.
(25xp) - Losing a training session against Graden.
(300xp) - Defeating the Gang at Glenendale Ave
(+100qxp & MW Chain Shirt) - Rescuing Linus Berengar
(600xp & Dodge*) - "A Vengeful Ambush"

Gilgalleon Mithranthanor - Scout/Wizard - A human raised by elves, Gil strives very hard to be the best elf he possibly can, mastering both arcane arts and bowmanship.
(270xp) - Defeating an orc raiding party

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