So what do we want to play first?

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So what do we want to play first? Empty So what do we want to play first?

Post  Zanillo on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:07 am

Hey guys, this is a work in progress. As you all know, we have conflicting schedules and locations of residence. I for one wouldn't mind keeping the gaming going at least a little, even if its not quite the same as it was (by that I mean.. in person). Which is why I want to get everyone who misses playing d&d to come visit this site.

Basically this is how the sites going down... we all participate, provide input on what we're going to do. We can run as many different campaigns as we like, anyone can DM, anyone can play. Who knows, people from outside the Dandord Crew might even join up sometime. Yes its going to be a little awkward at first while we try something new, but if we work at it we will figure it out in no time. For one thing, this forum has a random number generator... that means we can roll dice fairly! =D Check this out, I will type ((without the spaces included here)) [ rand ]1,20[ /rand ] 1 for minimum, 20 for max. There's the d20.
Random number (1,20) : 17
Bam! There, dice is settled.

Now instead of rambling on explaining all the advantages of playing online such as:
1: No time pressure on your turn, detailed visuals can be provided by both DM and Players.
2: Resources, such as online thesaurus & 3.5ed core books @ (
3: Digital Info, can't lose or rip your character sheets, everything is easilly stored and editted Smile
I would like to hear some replies from everyone Smile What are your concerns? If you want to play d&d what makes you doubt playing online as a method? Because I KNOW for a FACT that we can make this work as long as everyone is willing to give it an honest attempt.

Which brings me to the most important question before we can begin play... What do we want to play first?
In this, the DM will have surprises up his sleeve... but the generally campaign outline should be in place so we all can decide if it sounds like a good script. In addition to my random suggestions, feel free to post your own ideas!

1) Generic Fantasy Setting, Forgotten Realms style: Elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, magic, blades, arrows, etc... maybe a little gnomish technology? Traditional dungeon delving and monster fighting. May not require a campaign basis, rather a flow of adventures be they related to another or not. Focused on 'playing' first and everything else second.

2) Zombocalypse: We've talked about it many times, what would we do if the masses went zombie? Modern day setting, no magic, that means no divine healing (O.o) Stay alive through the use of technology, combat skills, and ingenuity and improvisation. The zombocalypse theme could also work in a fantasy setting although it would be a campaign based on a rising Necromantic Empire.

3) Mutant Revolution: This setting could occur in modern days, post-modern, or even medieval europe. Instead of magic, there is a rising of extraordinary abilities occuring among the populace. The unchanged population might fear these evolved beings and wish to eradicate or control them, and in a (post) modern setting they might have a chance given access to powerful technologies. ((Based on the Marvel Universe, such as X-men))

4) Gothic: How about vampires and werewolves? Demons, ghosts, witches, slayers... a darker more horror-themed setting where the characters would have the opportunity to BE the monsters rather than fighting them as we usually do. This could be based on Underworld, Buffy, Charmed, Van Helsing, etc...

5) Nominate any movies, books, games, tv shows or any setting! ((Like Dragonball Z? Narnia? Diablo? Mythical Ancient Greece)) Make your own suggestions!

Okay. So here's a little template for your replies.
1. Any Doubts and Concerns about playing d&d online?
2. What do you want to play first? Traditional Fantasy? X-men? You tell me. Smile

PS. Bookmark the site!

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