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Post  Zanillo on Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:44 am

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Zodion is currently under construction by the famed imaginatory powers of Josh and Shane. The setting so far is...

A large world of dynamic cultures based roughly on historical-earth (native-american, incan, ancient greece/rome & egypt, feudal japan, etc). Technology is at a budding stage in some areas, consisting of steam engines, zeppelin-style airships, possibly crude firearms, etc. Much of the technology will be early science augmented by magical construction. Ancient ruins of twisted metal and concrete are known to hold "ancient" technology beyond the grasp of the minds of this age, some of it may be functional but the knowledge of operating and maintaining such devices is lost in time.

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Zodion RP Info Empty Children of Gaia - Fera

Post  Zanillo on Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:03 am


Children of Gaia - Or Fera, the name by which all the inhabitants of "The Wilderness" call themselves. Each race have their own tribal "zodion" and are as well capable of gaining one (or more) personal zodions. Tribal zodions are usually passed down naturally through bloodline, while personal zodions require ritual activation, often called the "Sacred Journey".

The Wilderness - The lands which are not urbanized by the 'civilized' races.

Zodion - A symbol originating in nature which represents the divine qualities. There are 2 types of zodions. Tribal zodions, which are usually passed down through heritage or obtained through initiations. And Personal, which require the Sacred Journey. Zodions manifest in many various forms; physiological mutations, supernatural abilities, divine markings, etc. Example zodions include: Phoenix, Wolf, Oak, Crystal, Moon, etc.

Sacred Journey - Examples of a sacred journey:
1) Following a totem animal, or signs of nature to a specific location of the tribal caern.
2) Performing a sacred ritual involving the consumption of a divine elixer made from magical plants.
3) Entering a portal to the home-plane of the zodions to meet and fuse with their umbral energies.

Fera - Once the Fera were one race, a breed of humans who lived in harmony with Gaia and mastered all aspects of nature. However, a long time ago they had to specialize using the aid of zodions in order to survive a great war. Thereafter, the different factions of Fera became unique races unto themselves.


The Wolf Tribe are the Garelle whom are devoted to the protection of Gaia and her "caerns". They are her warriors and guardians. However, the wolf tribe is divided into a dozen main packs. The Lycan Nation has no central leadership or organized structure. It is more of a fundamental understanding that all packs should work together to defend gaia and battle corruption, despite different philosohpies and intertribal grudges. Reknown among the Lycans are divided into 3 aspects; glory, honor, and wisdom. Since all tribes more or less follow these concepts they can acknowledge the ranks of other lycans even though their individual pack structures vary.

Caern - A geological location of great spiritual and energetic significance. Ex: a great king tree & forest, a natural stone monolithe, a grande canyon, a magnificent waterfall, a crystaline cave, a pristine coral reef, a glacier, etc.

The Wolf Packs:
1. Silver Fangs - The tradional ruling pack, with years of selective breeding and heroic deeds in their history. Currently slightly out of favor, although still the prefered rulership by the other packs who do not wish to have the black pelts leading.
2. Black Pelts - Known for their diplomatic and manipulative ability, the Black Pelt society's power structire is a strict hierarchy where one climbs higher through means of cunning, physical prowess and mental mastery of those around. They live in constant competetion for power. Despite this tribes 'inner turmoil' they are strongly united and seek to remove the unworthy silver fangs from the throne.
3. Red Talons - Notorious for their rage and battle mastery, they are the fiercest warriors and constantly train. The often 'test' the other tribes by raiding them to ensure that the other packs can properly defend the sacred sites. They consider humes to be a parasite.
4. Moon-Daughters - Amazonion, they search the wilderness for new caerns and lost holy places to reconsecrate.
5. Black Spiral Dancers - A tribe that has become corrupt, none outside of the pack know their true motives.
6. Bone Gnawers - Resides secretively in the urban lands.
7. Get of Fenris - They stand for a united Wolf Tribe, and are the only tribe to accept skindancers (humans who have undergone ritual to become lycan)
8. Striders - A mobile pack in charge of intertribal communications
9. Stargazers - No longer an official pack as they were wiped out and scattered amongst the other tribes. These lycans developed Kailindo, and were known for their study of the stars and philosophical matters.
10. Uktena - a tribe of mystics, shamans and arcanists.
11. Wendigo - a tribe that lives in the arctic regions.
12. White Howlers - Basically extinct, they were once the most courageous tribe devoted to battling evil. However in their zeal they pursued black spiral dancers into their lair where they were defeated by an evil force of great power, nearly all of those who survived were corrupted.


The Fianna - Often called 'phoenix folk' by outsiders, this tribe of Garelle are almost always on the move, following the signs of the sky, wind, and birds which they revere as symbols of freedom, song, and insight. Nearly all of the members of this tribe have avian personal zodions. The Fianna have a deep appreciation of the arts ranging from music, storytelling, painting, to natural alchemy (working with rare materials such as phoenix feathers), to an evasive and mocking form of martial arts. Among the phoenix folk, combat is considered art & sport. Rather than using force and pain to display martial mastery in sparring they like to trip their opponents, delivering playful slaps, landing a kiss or other acts of non-violent humiliation. However, like all birds of prey, these avianist garelle can be quite feirce when they choose to be.

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