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Post  Zanillo on Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:37 pm

Village of Cipal: Located 2 days away from Crossroads.
The Half-Way House (Between Cipal and Crossroads) - Andre Gillard (Propieter)

City of Crossroads: Located in the Middle of Somewhere
Establishments - NPC's:
Barracks of Bahamut - Jim Jenkins (Captain of the Guard)
Crossroad Brewery
Crossroad Winery
Great Crossroad's Casino
Ioun's Library
Ironwolf Company (Mercenaries)
Lord Foval's Estate
Merchant - Logan Wheelstead
Temple of Pelor
Town Square Inn & Tavern - Rosalyn (server)

City of Duora-Tuhl: Located inside Dragonmount.
Thor Moonhammer V - King
Theroen Grimsteel - General

City of Mithrendain: Located in the Thornwood Forest during Full Moon
Autumn Palace - Yallandra Tiphwing, Archmage Mindartis Galinndan

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